starting point

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He took the starting point of 12 years and reduced it to nine years - the lowest in the range - taking into account Wilson's previous good character and provocation.
McCullum said Kiwis have had starting points before, granted, but they were never really kicked on from those and that's what the next challenge will be.
Secondly, we consider three technical requirements for implementation of a risk-adjusted starting point: availability of data, an adequate (risk adjustment) model for calculating the expected costs, and a measure for determining the starting point given the expected costs.
The Ministry of Justice plans to amend the Criminal Justice Act 2003 so that murders motivated by hatred or hostility towards disabled or transgender victims will have the same starting point as for murders aggravated by race, religion and sexual orientation.
Why not use Global Entrepreneurship Week as your starting point and explore more about self-employment this month?
GLASGOW is to be one of the starting points for the Monte Carlo Rally for the first time since 1973.
Coun Isabel Hunter, Executive Member for Culture at Northumberland County Council, said: "The internet makes an ideal starting point for this sort of research.
Firstly, there is a starting point and vector; center point for shooting.
He told MPs he had carried out a review following "considerable concern" about the 15-year starting point for judges considering the minimum tariff in knife murders.
Bishkek mayor Nariman Tuleev said the kilometer zero symbolizes reference starting point of the roads of the country.
They are just the starting point of a broad inquiry - a starting point that will ensure that the Commission has immediate access to the information it needs.
Any public lending library or college-level collection strong in introductions to fashion history will find ICONS OF FASHION an excellent starting point for understanding the evolution of modern fashion.