starting point

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"However, it is a starting point, and most of the big opportunities for him will be later in the year, both at home and abroad."
If your estate is under the starting point - currently pounds 325,000 - then no tax is due.
Now organisers Automobile Club de Monaco have said Glasgow will be one of the official starting points again.
Black square point--Best fitness point of iteration(if stochastic part is blocked, new starting point).Vector(direction) between blue and red point--new center point of shooting cone for next generation
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This means the starting point will change," Mr Shinohara said after he met Zenkoji monks.
Everyday objects and events can provide a rich starting point for art activities in schools.
Starting points for ICT regulation; deconstructing pevalent policy one-liners.
"Doll Values" nicely pairs clear, small color photos with the latest doll values, offers a starting point for building up a reference library, and helps classify different styles and types of dolls.
This chart is intended to be a convenient guide for chemists, designers and engineers, a starting point for designing and specifying elastomers.
DTN's Ethanol Information Center offers one central location as a starting point for agricultural producers, traders and investors to receive the latest ethanol information for making informed business decisions.
But if you think global warming is a minor annoyance likely to impact humanity at some vague future date, here's your starting point.