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When that gene is translated from a different starting point than the already recognized one, however, the virus could theoretically make a protein that included the newly discovered peptide.
In these theses, form and content are juxtaposed as equal starting points in human constructions.
Another area given as a starting point is the computation of various financial ratios by the agent.
The report provides a starting point for more involved exploration of key drivers of market development in succeeding years and includes raw data from the survey, which can be used to build scenarios of the readers choosing.
The surprise comes in the behavior of starting points chosen from areas near the lines or inside the triangle.
Tripos has long recognized the positive impact that high-quality starting points have on the drug discovery process," said Dr.
A computer can create a colored halo around the figure, making the boundary visible, by tracking how rapidly the sequences of numbers resulting from different starting points grow in size.
Starting Points and DrumNotes are pre-built application templates that can easily be modified to meet a customer's own requirements.
In fact, the starting points of orbits can be color-coded to indicate how quickly the points escape along their orbits to infinity.
Trinity (Revithoussa) : The daily routes that run will be four, from different starting points for two destinations: Three for Press and one for Revythousa and corresponding returns.
McCullum said Kiwis have had starting points before, granted, but they were never really kicked on from those and that's what the next challenge will be.