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Our patients may be categorized as having the major form, which is characterized by exaggerated startle reaction and generalized muscular stiffness starting in the childhood and progressively decreasing as the child grows.
The goal of this study was to confirm the presence of a startle response within the neuromuscular response to a rear-end collision using two indirect measures of the startle response: recruitment order of muscle responses and autonomic physiological responses.
To this extent, in the last years different laboratories have explored startle reflex during anticipation of highly arousing unpleasant or pleasant pictures.
Due to difficulties with an audience observing a person undergo a startle reflex, the demonstration to be described was conducted in another setting and digitally videotaped for later use in the classroom.
All this is involved in modifying the startle reaction at the same point--before motor action.
They placed earphones on each child and measured the startle magnitude to a binaural acoustic startle.
The abnormal startle reflex is probably related to the lack of inhibition by higher centres.
Medications appear to be useful in reducing overwhelming symptoms of arousal (such as sleep disturbances and an exaggerated startle reflex), intrusive thoughts, and avoidance; reducing accompanying conditions such as depression and panic; and improving impulse control and related behavioral problems.
As we have seen, the situations that elicit a combative response in demented individuals include exaggerated startle responses, attempts to maintain modesty and privacy, reactions to perceived intrusion into personal space, attempts to take a possession away, the desire to be left alone, and intense frustration with one's situation.
We included two parameters of the startle response, magnitude and latency, with the aim of studying how these measurements fit into the two-dimension model.