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The startle reflex in alcohol-dependent patients: Changes after cognitive-behavioral therapy and predictive validity for drinking behavior.
Thus, the exact nature of the sensory afferents triggering the startle reflex during rear-end collisions remains unanswered.
The experimental findings using the startle reflex paradigm have generally shown that blink magnitude is similarly enhanced when anticipating a variety of aversive events, such as intense noise blasts (Patrick & Berthot, 1995; Skolnick & Davidson, 2002), or electric shocks (Bradley, Moulder, & Lang, 2005; Bradley, Silakowski, & Lang, 2008; Grillon, Ameli, Merikangas, Woods, & Davis, 1993; Grillon, Ameli, Woods, Merikangas, & Davis, 1991; Grillon & Davis, 1995; Poy et al.
After some trial and error, we decided to strike a metal table with a standard weight claw hammer, which at an approximate distance of 1 m elicited a clearly observable startle reflex.
The startle reflex of Condylostylus fly most certainly constitutes the fastest in insects, as it is 3-10 times faster than the previously reported reflex response times.
12) For example, Acoustic Startle Reflex is the trait, present in mammals, of exhibiting a physical reaction in response to sharp, sudden, sound.
On further evaluation, a diagnosis of hyperekplexia was made and therapy was changed to oral clonazepam with a reduction in his symptoms, although he still showed an exaggerated startle reflex in response to minor stimuli.
These habits were once necessary for protection, like the startle reflex.
At the highest sETS exposure, the startle reflex amplitude was reduced.
Her joints ached all the time and her startle reflex was almost uncontrollable.
Normal newborns will extend their arms and legs in the so-called startle reflex when they hear a bell ring, whereas babies born to women who smoked during pregnancy responded less vigorously to the sound of the bell.