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Had her horse been startled she could not have stayed in control and could easily have been injured or killed.
The message here seemed to be that if you deprive someone of chocolate, they may become irritable, experience symptoms of frustration and be more easily startled by sudden images or noises.
A desert dog has taken refuge with her litter of puppies in the worksite and is in a very protective mood, as a startled jogger found out to his cost this week.
21 ( ANI ): Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is startled and wounded by the GOP backlash to his passionate praise of President Barack Obama for his handling of the Hurricane Sandy.
The subject startled visibly with several muscle groups of the upper body in response to the initial stimulus presentation (i.
It shows the animal pinning the keeper in a corner after being startled by his arrival in his enclosure.
For example, a 3-year-old startled by noise from fireworks, who is then told to expect more, will still get startled each time.
While photographing butterflies with a digital camera for several years, I have become convinced that skippers possess an extraordinary reflex time when startled by a photographic flash.
I discovered that I could sneak up on the squirrels, and yell out the window, and startle them enough to make them tumble from their perches, but it also startled Bebe, so that technique didn't work.
Victoria Beckham, 34, startled onlookers with her super-slender look, which drew attention to her ribs and neck.
2 : to frighten suddenly but slightly <A knock on the window startled her.
People with one version of the gene are more easily startled when viewing unpleasant pictures.