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We included two parameters of the startle response, magnitude and latency, with the aim of studying how these measurements fit into the two-dimension model.
A measure closely related to emotion is the acoustic startle blink reflex (Bradley et al.
As we have seen, the situations that elicit a combative response in demented individuals include exaggerated startle responses, attempts to maintain modesty and privacy, reactions to perceived intrusion into personal space, attempts to take a possession away, the desire to be left alone, and intense frustration with one's situation.
It's one of those statistically meaningless compansons that nonetheless startles.
Responses to anticipated startles were similar but less intense.
Farrell, in the spirit of "what women can do about it," startles women with 80 fields in which women now earn more than men--despite women's different work patterns.
Willa is a very twitchy witch, who startles easily at every little thing, which causes seemingly endless trouble for her black cat with a white-striped tail Kitch
The book startles readers with evidence of how the spiritualist infiltrated political groups and got the indirect backing of unsuspecting politicians, such as New Jersey Governors Florio and Whitman.
We'll be especially interested to see if the information startles drivers in these actual but controlled driving situations.