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The author starts off by stating that vegetarians are often perceived as rigid, inflexible, and unyielding.
It quite aptly starts off citing former big leaguer and current baseball analyst Tim McCarver on the need to go with one's first instinct.
The piece starts off with Michael Stipe striding across a western desert in a cowboy hat, lip-syncing his song about illusion and reality, identity as fact or choice, and the late comedian Andy Kaufman, who at times thought he was a professional wrestler or Elvis Presley.
CINCINNATI -- The economic calendar starts off the week on Monday with December's construction spending and personal spending data, along with January's Institute for Supply Management (ISM) report.
She had a slight setback and it will be the second half of May before she starts off.
At noon the runner starts off from A and the cyclist starts off from B.
It starts off like Darth Vader doing a bronchial intake and ends like somebody shaking a tin of coins at you in the street.
It starts off with professional skateboarder Jerry Hsu in his late teens sending shock waves through the industry--a lovable prodigy among mediocre career milking veterans.
American History, he starts off blithely with the wooly mammoth of pre-history, bounces through the early explorers ("Why isn't American called Columbia?