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In this study, starvation cycle (rats were starved for two days and then were fed for one day) was used.
The results suggest that starved parasitoids are more effective biological control agents: they locate and kill their hosts more quickly than do un-starved parasitoids, and kill more hosts using the saved time.
In many studies, cortisol concentrations were significantly higher in starved fish than in fed fish (Barcellos et al.
The couple starved Daniel and he was forced to scavenge for rotten food.
Prosecutors claim Hamzah starved to death due to the defendant's neglect.
Sentencing Bethley to a four-month concurrent prison sentence for each of the offences, presiding magistrate John Hughes said: "You have starved three animals to death.
It has been claimed that other children in the defendants' care were also starved as well as being assaulted.
Birmingham Crown Court was told that Khyra Ishaq succumbed to an infection in May 2008 after being starved "quite deliberately" while being kept prisoner in her own home.
She lost almost six stones in weight, and her body was so starved of sugar it began to eat into its own reserve of fat, the inquest in South Shields heard.
AYOUNG mother who lived on a diet of soup and water effectively starved herself to death, an inquest was told yesterday.
Summary: A seven-year-old girl was deliberately starved to death while being kept as a prisoner in her own home, a court has heard.
Longo of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles injected mice with human cancer cells and later starved one group of animals for 48 or 60 hours.