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Weapons they allegedly stashed include bombs, bomb-making materials, guns and ammunition that had been smuggled into Bahrain.
The names of Pakistanis who have stashed this money be also made public, he requested.
The Special Investigation Team set up for this purpose doesn't seem to have the wherewithal to track the strong room where several Indians have stashed their thousands of crores of unaccounted money in banks abroad.
Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on May 27 announced that the central government has constituted a high level Special Investigation Team to unearth the black money stashed in safe havens.
According to Swiss authorities around 200 billion dollars - the ill-gotten money of various Pakistanis were currently stashed in 11 Swiss banks.
In the voice recording, published on YouTube late on Monday, Erdoy-an seems to be warning his son Bilal about cash money stashed in several houses.
And obviously they never told anyone about the secret hiding place where they stashed the four-figure sum.
What is the source of black money which has been stashed away in foreign banks?
Former soldier Garet h Cameron, 22, was left with cuts and bruises on his face and body after being accused of telling authorities where the illegal brew was stashed.
A POSTMAN who stole so much mail he had to move out of his flat where he stashed it and live with his mother was jailed for 14 months yesterday.
She has the past been criticised for spending letters and stamps for private when more than pounds 102m stashed in banks and building societies, ratepayers faced an above average in yearly payments?
Earlier this year, cocaine was found in decorative plaques, hidden inside buttons and stashed in boxes of biscuits.