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So polite and so impressible was Monseigneur, that the Comedy and the Grand Opera had far more influence with him in the tiresome articles of state affairs and state secrets, than the needs of all France.
As Bees In spring time, when the Sun with Taurus rides, Poure forth thir populous youth about the Hive In clusters; they among fresh dews and flowers Flie to and fro, or on the smoothed Plank, The suburb of thir Straw-built Cittadel, New rub'd with Baume, expatiate and confer Thir State affairs.
But two or three venerable and sagacious Pygmies, well versed in state affairs, gave it as their opinion that war already existed, and that it was their rightful privilege to take the enemy by surprise.
Another scene was taking place in the minister's reception-room, more instructive than the one we have just related, because it shows how great ideas are allowed to perish in the higher regions of State affairs, and in what way statesmen console themselves.
Speaking on the occasion, the governor said that media has a vital role in state affairs and it contributed a lot for promoting awareness among the masses on various issues besides highlighting the problems.
8, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --The Pharmaceutical Care Management Association (PCMA) today announced the appointment of former Nevada Insurance Commissioner Scott Kipper as the association's new Vice President of State Affairs.
Speaking from New York, Salam said that the agenda of the Council of Ministers was piling up with unresolved state affairs.
The bill did make it out of the House State Affairs Committee, chaired by state Rep.
Caine joined CSPA in 2013 and has proven to be a valuable addition to the legislative affairs department with his leadership of the state affairs task forces and through the development of a legislative mapping program, said the organization.
Headed by Antioch Patriarch Gregorios III, the group discussed church and state affairs.
Moreover, they reiterated readiness to step up input as regards effective harnessing of marine resources for the benefit of the people, in addition to enhancing role in State affairs.
PESHAWAR -- Speakers at a day-long conference urged the need for non-interference of religion in the state affairs for long-term societal development.

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