state affairs

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So polite and so impressible was Monseigneur, that the Comedy and the Grand Opera had far more influence with him in the tiresome articles of state affairs and state secrets, than the needs of all France.
That, it seems, is where he meditates on state affairs.
As Bees In spring time, when the Sun with Taurus rides, Poure forth thir populous youth about the Hive In clusters; they among fresh dews and flowers Flie to and fro, or on the smoothed Plank, The suburb of thir Straw-built Cittadel, New rub'd with Baume, expatiate and confer Thir State affairs.
But two or three venerable and sagacious Pygmies, well versed in state affairs, gave it as their opinion that war already existed, and that it was their rightful privilege to take the enemy by surprise.
Another scene was taking place in the minister's reception-room, more instructive than the one we have just related, because it shows how great ideas are allowed to perish in the higher regions of State affairs, and in what way statesmen console themselves.
Faced with the persistent surplus of petroleum products, the Company carefully organized the production of differentiated products and worked hard to open up the "One Belt, One Road" hot market while consolidating the traditional markets and cooperating with the refining and sales companies and Shanghai's state affairs.
This is with reference to last month's cover story on judicial intervention in the running of state affairs.
Moving forward, a single office will be tasked with managing China's state affairs related to the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macao, and its dealings with the national government of Taiwan.
She was also found to have let Choi meddle in state affairs even though she held no official authority or post in the government.
Choi Soon-sil was found guilty of abuse of power, bribery and meddling in state affairs by the Seoul central district court, and the judge, Kim Se-yoon, said: "The accused is sentenced to 20 years in prison.
The Council held the current tenure responsible for this denounced and condemned approach, urging it to bring matters back to the normal track and put an end to this recklessness and irresponsibility in the management of state affairs at the most serious stage endured by Lebanon.
LAHORE -- It is disappointing that politicians in Pakistan who vie for parliament membership, and dominate it through forming a majority of their party in the legislature, do not deem the same parliament deserving of respect as an institution having the most important role in the running of state affairs.

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