state again

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Perhaps he was not inclined to put himself in his exhausted state again under the guardianship of Glorvina.
She said she returned to the state again this month and that the priest had locked her up in a hotel room in Kumarakom and decamped with Rs16,000 (Dh916) and some jewellery.
Terrorists will most likely come to the state again and launch attacks,' he said on Wednesday, speaking to reporters on a field visit to conflict-wracked Maungdaw Township in the state's north.
However, as the winter sets in, the long gap seems to be recovering with the tourists visiting the state again.
Bryce Doherty, CEO of UBS Asset Management, Australia and New Zealand, said: "We are excited to be partnering with Colonial First State again through our highly experienced AREIT team of Dave and Pat.
IN the light of a campaign being launched this week to support the physical punishment of children, it is important to state again that changing the law to protect children from assault, just as adults are protected, has the support of a wide range of academic experts, based on the available research evidence.
Afrasiab Khattak, senior politician and analyst, covered the historic background of conflict in Middle East and said that there was fear that Pakistan could push itself to present quagmire in Middle East by becoming a frontline state again and by associating itself with one of the party to conflict such as 'Islamic Alliance' that was actually led by US and Israel being its unannounced member.
Montgomery County prosecutors appealed each time, and now, the state's highest criminal court has sided with the state again.
I will now write to the Secretary of State again to arrange the details of his visit.
LNG will come in to port for regasification on board the ship to convert the natural gas to its original state again.
Earlier in the day, Akhilesh's uncle and UP minister Shivpal Yadav dared the BJP to conduct Lok Sabha elections in the state again and said only then will his party be ready to dissolve the state government and go for Assembly elections.
I state again, thank you Stockton Council, James Wharton MP and residents, these were the people involved in getting the footpaths upgraded.

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