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Conclusion: Using mandala-coloring as a therapeutic intervention can reduce State Anxiety and Trait Anxiety in university students.
Moderate to high positive correlations were found between BDI and trait or state anxiety scores in STAI.
A Tukey post hoc test revealed that state anxiety score was statistically significantly higher in participants receiving moderate feedback compared to those who received high amounts of feedback (p=.
state anxiety over the previous two weeks) and enduring experiences of anxiety symptoms.
00 Questionnaire STAI state anxiety 25 20-48 52 25-76 STAI trait anxiety 22 20-46 49 21-72 W-DEQ vA 32 0-64 89 26-122 W-DEQ vB 30 0-62 86 24-124 Beck Depression Inventory 6 0-27 18 0-49 Variables P Pain (Visual analog <0.
Variations in stress levels over the course of pregnancy: factors associated with elevated hassles, state anxiety and pregnancy-specific stress.
IRAP and STAI State anxiety as measured by the STAI was significantly correlated with the average latency for the consistent block type as well as the "I am willing to have anxiety" and the "I try to get rid of happiness" trial-type D-scores.
In another study aiming to determine the state and trait anxiety levels of the athletes taking part in intercollegiate premier basketball league competitions, a significant difference was observed between the genders in terms of state anxiety levels and this difference was caused by females' having higher anxiety scores than male athletes (Donmez, 2013).
State anxiety is the subjective fear that one feels because of a stressful situation.
Items 1-20 measure situational or state anxiety (STAI-S), and items 21-40 measure underlying or trait anxiety (STAI-T).
Group differences were analyzed using the Wilcoxen test, which evaluated statistical differences between presimulation and postsimulation state anxiety scores and presimulation and preclinical state anxiety scores.

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