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Custer County - Improving coverage along the State Highway 79 corridor near Buffalo Gap.
Abell said officials from the state Highway Department are scheduled to meet with state police to discuss the response to Sunday night's storm.
Ohio State Highway Patrol, "Sobriety Checkpoints," Monthly News Article (2001); retrieved on January 20, 2002, from http://www.
The amounts and rates of revenues credited to the state highway fund and flowing through to NDDOT are subject to legislative actions, since no taxes are specifically pledged.
In a letter sent today to key House and Senate committees, the coalition, which is made up of organizations from the areas of highway construction and safety, public health and law enforcement, called for greater funding of state highway safety programs, long-term strategic planning and research.
Many public agencies and elected representatives-including the State Highway Department, local fire and rescue groups, the Sandoval County Sheriff and Commission, and U.
In addition, advances in bridge technology, coupled with significant, recent revisions to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) bridge specifications necessitate a new, revised edition of this important book.
Address : State Highway Administration State Highway Administration Office of Structures - Administration 707 N Calvert Street C203 Baltimore , MD 21202US
The following is a description of the improved network coverage areas: -- Near Beulah - Located south of Beulah, the new cell site improves coverage along State Highway 49 between Beulah and Interstate 94; east for six miles on 21st Street Southwest from State Highway 49; and west for four miles on County Road 25.
A two-decade-long project of seismic retrofitting on state highway bridges and overpasses - which kicked into high gear after the 1994 Northridge Earthquake - is nearly finished in Los Angeles County, state officials say.
In a sign of the Antelope Valley's involvement in the commercialization of space, representatives of aerospace companies and the cities of Lancaster and Palmdale met Thursday to hear how to apply for state Highway to Space grants.
4 million from the state highway and transportation commission, which receives all state highway user fees and taxes and whose funds are constitutionally dedicated for highway purposes and stand appropriated for such purposes without requiring further legislative action, in two payments in 1997 and 1998.

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