state highway

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For all Missouri statistics, see Robert Stieffermann, Missouri State Highway Patrol, Progress on Strategic Planning Priorities-Statistics, February 11, 2002.
A median strip has also been painted along the state highway from Hospital Road to Silverstream Road to make it safer for people coming into and out of their driveways.
The Commerce Center on 1,200 acres across I-5, near its junction with state Highway 126, is still being developed.
ura family crosses State Highway 1 to get to a pre-school centre using the pedestrian island as a halfway point.
The cell site also improves coverage on East on State Highway 200 to State Highway 18 and Southwest of US Highway 83 for six miles.
Work on the last three of nearly 800 bridges and overpasses on state highways, freeways and expressways in the county should be completed this summer - leaving only one toll bridge in the county to be retrofitted or replaced, Caltrans officials said.
State Highway 75 Banks Peninsula was closed at Robinsons Bay due to a slip, now open to one lane of traffic
US mobile network operator Verizon Wireless has announced it has activated a new cell site on State Highway 200 between Finley and Mayville, North Dakota.
In a sign of the Antelope Valley's involvement in the commercialization of space, representatives of aerospace companies and the cities of Lancaster and Palmdale met Thursday to hear how to apply for state Highway to Space grants.

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