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7 million to begin needed construction for existing state hospitals.
Increasingly, Oregon State Hospital beds are being filled by a growing number of commitments from the criminal justice system - people who receive a court order to undergo mental health treatment so that they are able to "aid and assist" in their own defense.
Police have publicly warned people not to explore the buildings as they are unsafe, even for getting a peek into the abandoned state hospital.
The State Hospital refused to confirm claims that a senior manager has been placed on "gardening leave" over an unrelated matter.
The Texas Council and BPS entered into an agreement to conduct a series of process benchmarking projects, commencing with the utilization of state hospital beds.
So, over the next several years, with unwavering conviction and autocratic authority, he reinvented Trenton State Hospital, changing it from a custodial institution to a center for aggressive intervention.
I'm also satisfied it is appropriate that the order be to the State Hospital on the basis that conditions of special security are required.
These Department of Mental Health-contracted programs were developed as Northampton State Hospital emptied its geriatric ward.
In some areas CSB employees have become nominal employees of the state hospital to permit regular state hospital employees to share patient information with them.
In the latest ongoing assaults on Atascadero State Hospital employees, two direct-care hospital staff were seriously assaulted last night by a patient.
Kirk Watson, D-Austin, on Thursday proposed creating an "MD Anderson of the brain" on the site of the troubled Austin State Hospital, a psychiatric facility that has been plagued with staff shortages, crumbling facilities and a failure to meet federal health standards.
A, 61 year-old women went to Niy-de State Hospital along with 45-year-old G.

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