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LAHORE -- On the direction of Lahore Development Authority (LDA) Director General Muhammad Usman Muazzam, the squad of State Management Directorate Private housing scheme demolished the infrastructure of five illegal housing societies.
Thereby proposing competent state agencies to solve difficulties and obstacles, contributing to improving state management efficiency in the field of monitoring the implementation of the law as well as contributing to innovation, improve the efficiency of law enforcement organization, at the same time detect and promptly rectify the errors and limitations in the field of state management mentioned above.
He said that the RM4 billion annual allocation from the federal government was not enough to comprehensively develop the state while the state management cost alone was in excess of RM3 billion.
LAHORE -- On the direction of Lahore Developement Authority (LDA) Director General Muhammad Usman Muazzam, metropolitan planning wing and Directorate of State Management Private Housing Schemes LDA staff has taken action against the illegal residential schemes on Ferozpur Road here on Wednesday.
The project consists of a roadmap for technological transformation in all industries and their state management, the formation of a knowledge economy based on the country's resource and production potential.
The provision of qualitative digital services, increasing the effectiveness, transparency and liquidation of corruption in the state management system are the main tasks," said president.
The Lagos State Management Agency (LASEMA) has said that no one was trapped in the rubbles of the two-storey building that collapsed in Lagos on Monday afternoon.
On first day, Asghar Ali Chief Engineer FDA would listen to the public complaints at the counter about FDA city, transfer of plots by state management and approval of designs by town planning etc.
3, Thornton will become the fourth president of NHHEAF, which includes three nonprofit agencies, the NH Higher Education Assistance Foundation, Granite State Management & Resources and NH Higher Education Loan Corp.
The State Management Committee in the Parliament has decided to amend the previous bill with the provision of details about those serving in government position will be the secret affairs.
'I am well aware of the fact that the support does not mean overall approval of state management. They have shown us their faith though there must be many areas they are not happy with.
Due to lack of State Management and negligence of Anti Narcotics Force (ANF), drugs culture is being promoted in Balochistan, we are the gate of 40% International Drugs trade.

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