state of anxiety

See: fear
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All this time the grand-vizir was in a terrible state of anxiety.
Arrived home again, the prince sent for Vera Lebedeff and told her as much as was necessary, in order to relieve her mind, for she had been in a dreadful state of anxiety since she had missed the letter.
Don't leave her at all; I left her in a state of anxiety, that she is not fit to bear; she will die or go out of her mind.
Though many other cells in the brain have been identified as playing a role in anxiety, the cells found in this study are the first known to represent the state of anxiety, regardless of the type of environment that provokes the emotion, the researchers said.
It is now thought to represent a more general state of anxiety, which is suppressed by contact with owners.
If Baghdad is not strong and stable, Kurdistan will be in a state of anxiety.
Our main results are: (1) some degree of association between symptoms of anxiety (trait) and recognition of FEE (anger, fear, and happiness); and, (2) biases in the attribution of emotions to neutral faces in people scoring high in state of anxiety or in symptoms of depression.
Exhibit C: He was in a constant state of anxiety about whether he'd brought the right number of shorts.
Richard Freeman, defending, said: "Her actions were brought about by a state of anxiety and upset and it was a colossal error of judgment on her behalf.
The immune cells were thought to send messages to the brain, leading to a constant state of anxiety.
I watched the news in a state of anxiety, waiting for gasps of consternation because there was no outlet pipe and the dimensions were half a millimetre too wide.
Following the incident, rumors abounded predicting the next terrorist attack, leading to a state of anxiety and apprehension across the nation.