state of disorder

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His attire was not, as he had himself hinted, remarkable for the nicest arrangement, but was in a state of disorder which strongly induced the idea that he had gone to bed in it.
They found their quarters in a bad state of disorder.
And therefore when Hellenes fight with barbarians and barbarians with Hellenes, they will be described by us as being at war when they fight, and by nature enemies, and this kind of antagonism should be called war; but when Hellenes fight with one another we shall say that Hellas is then in a state of disorder and discord, they being by nature friends and such enmity is to be called discord.
For the unenlightened (just as I was a couple of minutes ago) entropy is the state of disorder of a system.
Hords of out-of-control "Presidential Advisors", linked to unscrupulous importers and businessmen who benefit handsomely from the state of disorder.
A' A' " The government of Syrian Arab Republic, while submitting those events to Security Council, calls it to condemn the Israeli aggression as a violation of the Disengagement agreement and international law rules as well as an escalation of tension atmospheres, a state of disorder in the disengagement zone and its surroundings," the letter said.
Guo Tianyong, a professor with the Central University of Finance and Economics in Beijing, said "but the independent pricing of commercial banks is not mature at present, and there is likely to be problems like vicious competition and a state of disorder.
Everyone is warning of the state of disorder and insecurity.
He emphasised that the alternative option - an approach based around isolation, violence and terrorism - will only lead to a state of disorder and tension.
Hamdallah's resignation leaves the Palestinian Authority in a state of disorder as it struggles to deal with a financial crisis.
The photos show Bridger's living room in a state of disorder with a pair of dark trousers on the couch, an antique-looking rifle attached to the wall and cans of cider - his favourite drink - on the floor.
Some analysts attribute the present state of disorder to the attempts of some thugs who had suffered torture and suppression at the hands of the security agency during rule of Mubarak and who are working to avenge themselves on the police.