state of equilibrium

See: balance
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We were in just the state of equilibrium that would remain in one of those "Happy Family" cages which animal-tamers exhibit, if the tamer were to leave it for ever.
In other words, peace is an anomaly, a fragile state of equilibrium that, Putin explained, is exceedingly difficult to sustain.
PET will continue to absorb moisture from the atmosphere until it reaches a state of equilibrium with the surrounding air.
Having reached the surface, the water that comes from the depth undergoes a change in its state of equilibrium.
It creates state of equilibrium in the distribution of rights and duties
0] > 0) at initial state of equilibrium evaporation mode a part of enthalpy from cooling down droplet participates in water evaporation process.
Although, the market has reached a state of equilibrium, a significant increase in the production owing to the shale revolution, is expected to drive growth in the market.
Reacting to the announcement Abdullah Sheikh, a manager of Jawdat construction company in Riyadh said it will have a significant impact on the real estate market, which is going to witness further stability in the coming years; the real estate market will experience a state of equilibrium and stability.
In addition to limiting what can be done to change acquisition, these boundaries hold the current system in a strong state of equilibrium that enforces the entropy to which all earlier acquisition efforts have eventually succumbed.
Either way, the uneasy state of equilibrium which has held since he seized power in February to become Italy's youngest prime minister is likely to be upset.
What happens when that state of equilibrium is disturbed?
The oil market enjoys a state of equilibrium at present; it suffers from neither shortage nor redundancy of supplies," Al-Shimali, the current chair of the global cartel, affirmed.