state of equilibrium

See: balance
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We were in just the state of equilibrium that would remain in one of those "Happy Family" cages which animal-tamers exhibit, if the tamer were to leave it for ever.
Muhammad Haider Miraj said, 'Education is key to acquiring a perfect state of equilibrium for both mind and body.
When this is available, both landlords and tenants will finally be in a state of equilibrium.
He helped Arjuna reach a state of equilibrium to carry out his duties.
This constant change in the distribution of resources implies that, despite the absence of exogenous changes, the state of equilibrium towards which the economy tends is a moving target.
Our rural communities, our agriculture, our language exist in a delicate state of equilibrium that makes up Welsh life.
Salehi cautioned that all sides would "end up back at square one" and expressed regret that "as things stand at the moment in the region, reaching a new state of equilibrium may simply be beyond reach for the foreseeable future".
A primary theme of this book is resilience, which she sees as a "measure of how easily you return to a state of equilibrium when things change" (60).
Ground control, the science that studies the behavior of rock mass in transition from one state of equilibrium to another, provides the basis for the design of support systems to prevent or control the collapse or failure of the roof, floor and ribs in a mine.
It is this state of equilibrium that I have raged against as an educator of students who are culturally and linguistically diverse.
Follow-up work indicated that time crystals couldn't emerge in a system in a state of equilibrium.
Some amount of greenhouse gases is necessary for life to exist on Earth; they trap heat in the atmosphere, keeping the planet warm and in a state of equilibrium.