state of health

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I wish you could get Reginald home again on any plausible pretence; he is not at all disposed to leave us, and I have given him as many hints of my father's precarious state of health as common decency will allow me to do in my own house.
Her indifferent state of health unhappily prevents her being in town; and by that means, as I told Lady Catherine one day, has deprived the British court of its brightest ornaments.
At her age, and in her state of health, were good spirits compatible with such an errand to a physician as the errand on which she was bent?
To show him Benjamin's narrative, in his state of health, and in the face of the warning addressed to me, was simply out of the question.
There can be no doubt," Horace agreed, "that Grace must be kept in the dark, in her present state of health.
Indeed, he is already nearly in his usual state of health.
Micawber, being in a delicate state of health, was overcome by it, and was taken so unwell, that Mr.
He expressed great alarm at his pastor's state of health, but was anxious to attempt the cure, and, if early undertaken, seemed not despondent of a favourable result.
I have sometimes observed that circumstances which have produced a strong impression on patients, when they are in a state of health, give a certain direction to the wandering of their minds, when they are in a state of fever.
Trundle had to be informed of all the mighty preparations that were making in London; and, being in a delicate state of health, was informed thereof through Mr.
In Lord Holchester's critical state of health," she answered, "I decline to take the responsibility of telling him what you have just told me.
However, she expressed herself very sorry to hear such a dismal account of her state of health, and shortly afterwards sat down with her grandfather and Mrs Jarley to breakfast.