state of inertia

See: deadlock
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He said that the court then focuses only on the stay application, which takes years to decide, and the main suit remains in a state of inertia.
All the speakers promised to assiduously work to ensure the emergence of an APC-led Sokoto State Government, even as they hugely decried the current state of inertia in the state.
As the metaphysical weather darkens, so this state of inertia extends not only through space but also through time.
He will take out the foreign office from the state of inertia created by the last government.
Thankfully the second half was an altogether different proposition and jolted the audience out of any state of inertia with lots of knockabout fun by the ensemble cast including a boy ghost called Soot, an owl named Wagner and a nicely staged car chase.
The fact that all three of the aforementioned forms of inertia have a tendency to increase with the passage of time raises a broader issue: if inertia is a significant constraint, when and why would a firm ever deviate from the path dictated by its current state of inertia? This is an important issue because, with the model as presented in Fig.
The Duterte administration's inclusive growth agenda can't happen with the government under a state of inertia. It should seize the opportunities available at this time to carry out sweeping reforms, such as the TRAIN, to achieve its goal of high and inclusive growth.
Can we afford to remain in a state of inertia; an unwillingness to adapt to the changed global and regional environment?
But as the story arc unfolds, Romero, in a state of inertia, is drawn into a gradual conversion experience, not just in a general sense, but in the specific trajectory of a "conversion to justice." It is by the portrayal of such a conversion that the film offers insight to Romero's deepening spirituality that would lead him to a prophetic, liberating solidarity.
The truth of the matter is there is not an awful lot to separate them, and as a result we have a state of inertia at the centre of Irish politics.
It's a shame that conflict has to intrude, for a director whose greatest talent lies in showing closed ecosystems in a state of inertia and pleasant lethargy.
Syrian photographer Eyad Kasem's "Inertia" project captures the "state of inertia that many young Syrians are in." One of the black-and-white images from Kasem's series frames a vintage television set.