state of mind

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State of Mind is a must-read for any inquisitive soul who has ever experienced a psychic event or questioned the limits of reality.
com An insider said: "His team need help to get an insight into his state of mind.
First established within rugby league in 2011, the State of Mind movement is now a well established national charity delivering its message across rugby league, multiple other sports, age groups and geographical areas.
Danny is now an ambassador for the charity and Paul is also throwing his weight behind the fourth State of Mind round.
Hope is Just A State of Mind reflects a different direction for the band as it is a much more personal and honest album than their other two.
An Elastic State of Mind is highly effective in documenting through the aesthetics of poetry the issue of bipolar disorders that affect so many creative people.
Newport State of Mind was an instant online sensation when it was released last year but it was pulled from the internet after a copyright claim.
This next generation of business, civic, political, and religious leaders, as well as social entrepreneurs, will understand their constituents' state of mind and the capacity to quantify it better than their predecessors did.
As all human behaviour is a product of your state of mind, it is vital to be in the fight state as opposed to a fight state.
George Washington's Secretary of the Treasury and West Indian immigrant Alexander Hamilton came to personify the unease felt by Americans about the relations between the slave colonies of the West Indies and the supposedly free and democratic states of the independent mainland, a state of mind that Goudie terms the "creole complex".
Steven Spinola--REBNY President, Diane Ramirez--Halstead and Dottie Herman--Prudential Douglas Elliman in that REBNY state of mind.
TODAY'S televised Pro40 clash between Sussex and Essex at Hove promises to be a cracker, weather permitting, but much will depend on the visitors' state of mind after their Twenty20 Cup finals day let-down on Saturday.