state of siege

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Then, without waiting to receive the compliments of the bystanders on the victory be had won, he retreated to his own bedchamber, and considering himself in a state of siege, piled all the portable furniture against the door by way of barricade.
You know, I got back on Wednesday night and was met at once with stern orders that no visitors of any sort were to be received, that the tradespeople were to be interviewed at the front gates--in fact that the house was to be in a state of siege.
I found it rather harassing to live in this state of siege, but was too much afraid of Mrs.
He had long ago discovered the truth, that Jupiter created men during a fit of misanthropy, and that during a wise man's whole life, his destiny holds his philosophy in a state of siege.
The night was dark, but still the town resounded with those noises that disclose a city in a state of siege.
As a result, we find ourselves in a virtual state of siege.
1956 - President Sukarno proclaims a state of siege in Sumatra, Indonesia.
It was like a state of siege at times, but the polling officials still did all they could to maintain democracy.
Beside, any other Events or Causes which would determine the proclamation or maintenance of Martial-law or a State of Siege would also fall out of the Scope of the Underwriters' relative Fire Insurance Policy.
been in a state of siege and curfew since July after the cold-blooded killing of Kashmiri youth leader Burhan Wani by occupation forces.
Aleppo has been in a state of siege since government forces, led by President Bashar al-Assad, closed in on the Castello Road, the last route into rebel-held areas of the city.
Woman activist Roula Ibrahim also implored the international community to end the months' old state of siege by saving little starving babies from infanticide by starvation.

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