state of suspense

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In this state of suspense they were befriended, not by any sudden illumination of Mr.
When I came to myself I implored the genius to keep me no longer in this state of suspense, but to lose no time in putting an end to my sufferings.
Almost frenzied at being held in this state of suspense, I passionately besought Mehevi to permit me to proceed.
In her state of suspense, to remain within the four walls of the bedroom was unendurable.
Looking about him while in this state of suspense, Charles Darnay observed that the gate was held by a mixed guard of soldiers and patriots, the latter far outnumbering the former; and that while ingress into the city for peasants' carts bringing in supplies, and for similar traffic and traffickers, was easy enough, egress, even for the homeliest people, was very difficult.
He cannot be kept in his present state of suspense." "Mama," said Annie, still crying, "would he be unhappy without me?
The players are kept in a permanent state of suspense regarding their status on the team, so nobody knows where they stand regarding selection.
After a few minutes of discussion, the investors had disappeared, leaving Mr Knight in a state of suspense, coupled with extreme anxiety; he simply feared the worst - the end of his dream.
Zimbabwe had been in a state of suspense following the military takeover that finally shook Mugabe's grip on power.
Accordingly, Anne Logan, in her study of what she defines as the 'feminist-criminal-justice reform network', shows how British feminism did not enter into a state of suspense in 1918, reappearing only with the 'Second Wave of Feminism'.
They were only seconds, but we were all in a state of suspense waiting for the outcome.
Until this moment the government woefully failed to take any retaliatory action including simple identification of the attacker, thus leaving the Sudanese people at state of suspense. The government never bothered to provide any credible public information.
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