state of suspense

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Almost frenzied at being held in this state of suspense, I passionately besought Mehevi to permit me to proceed.
In her state of suspense, to remain within the four walls of the bedroom was unendurable.
Looking about him while in this state of suspense, Charles Darnay observed that the gate was held by a mixed guard of soldiers and patriots, the latter far outnumbering the former; and that while ingress into the city for peasants' carts bringing in supplies, and for similar traffic and traffickers, was easy enough, egress, even for the homeliest people, was very difficult.
He cannot be kept in his present state of suspense.
They were only seconds, but we were all in a state of suspense waiting for the outcome.
Everyone was in a state of suspense, yet, the spectacular evening lingered with a talent show performed by every department's representatives, and the recognition of 5-year awardees, best team performers, and employee of the month.
I haven't been kept in such a state of suspense since waiting to discover who shot JR in Dallas.
After the APSE awards evening, Paul said: "On the evening of the awards I sat with my wife Donna, and Steve Taylor my manager, in a total state of suspense.
Tamweel had been in a state of suspense for almost two years while a UAE state committee evaluated a merger between the lender and its
Properties lose their value and become more difficult to sell while occupiers live in a state of suspense until the matter is resolved.
By the 18th century the term "on tenterhooks" described being in a state of suspense or anxiety.
It's incredibly satisfying, unless of course it happens to you, and keeps the game in a constant state of suspense over who's going to win.
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