state of violence

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Furthermore, BahceE-ehir University revealed shocking statistics on the state of violence against women in Turkey to the press on Friday, sharing that 41.
Abdullah Abdullah in London today, Prince Abdulaziz bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz expressed hope that the assistance of friends of Afghanistan would help that country to move from the state of violence and political turmoil which it sustained over the last decades to a new situation in which security and stability might prevail.
The Assembly deplored" the failure of the UN Security Council, and more broadly the international community, to take more urgent action in Syria, which has only fuelled the current state of violence, destruction, and suffering.
The sources added that 7 young men were wounded with rubber-coated bullets and dozens of citizens were severely suffocated during the clashes near Shuafat refugee camp, while a state of violence spread all over the city's towns.
I will meditate on the state of violence in our country and conclude that the most severe restriction arises from reluctance for all to exercise their First Amendment rights.
The movement also demanded a social charter approved by all political groups and the state to end the current state of violence.
The report on state of violence against women in Pakistan would be shared with the participants on the occasion.
However, Sarcouzy warned that if good intentions are not united for the sake of ensuring the success of such rebellions, then they might drown in a state of violence and lead to dictatorships far worse than the ones before.
South Africa's established film industry -- alongside Nigeria and Cameroon, it is one of the continent's leading producers of film -- has contributed two films to the competition, societal drama State of Violence and Life, Above All, a film by Oliver Schmitz, which is South Africa's official entry to the 2011 Academy Awards.
Of course no foreign oil investment can be realized given the current state of violence in Iraq.
The campaign's following objectives are: To gain public support and foster community involvement in the fight against rape; to provide the authorities with recommendations for improving the security standards of public spaces and to launch the monitoring body, Citizens Against Rape (CAR); to keep track of the state of violence against women in the country and the commitments currently being made by the various authorities; and to raise awareness on the amendments of the anti-rape legislation.
Mohammad Ghannam, spokesman for the Liverpool Friends of Palestine, said: ``It's a disgrace for an event like this to be happening in the city which we live in and for fund-raising to be carried out for such a state of violence as the Israeli state, which is in breach of so many UN resolutions.

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