state precisely

See: specify
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It is not easy to state precisely wherein the difference between these two sorts of knowledge consists, but it is easy to feel the difference.
That Ghenghen guy, as he is fondly called though with real name Esegine Allen, born on 28 March, 1986 and popularly known by his stage name Orezi, is a Nigerian musician from the south south region of Nigeria, Owhelogbo, Isoko, Delta State precisely.
New Jersey is a donor state precisely because we invest in public schools and higher education, so that New Jerseyans continue driving innovation in fields like biotechnology and agriculture and medicine.
Jake Berry, Minister for Powerhouse, "There will Yorkshire' " And he's going to tell the Secretary of State precisely that.
They say they cannot state precisely what their loss will be but it surely won't be small.
This same principle applies to politics -- Egyptians have failed to develop a genuinely democratic and modern state precisely because of this attitude.
It is this: the European Union is a good state precisely because it is an unpopular state.
a trembling Pistorius said when asked to state precisely what he screamed at the perceived intruder.
Electoral norms state precisely that a person who belongs to a party, or who was a candidate for that party, can appear in another party only after a two-year period in which the person "proves conclusively" his lack of ties with the previous one.
While it will take more time to establish predictive validity for individual programs--that is, to state precisely to what extent the section adds to the already high ability of the GMAT exam to predict test takers' potential for success in the classroom--some preliminary analysis has been conducted to see whether the test is showing any bias toward or against any subgroups of test takers, and how test takers who score similarly on the Quantitative and Verbal sections perform on the new section.
The limited information available provides an uncertain basis from which to state precisely how many animals may be living in the wild.
Social work professionals have to state precisely what families must demonstrate in order to parent children without state involvement.

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