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Rennie, while praising Sutton's contribution to the Canterbury rebuild, also made it clear that "every state servant must work in a safe environment where they are treated with professionalism and respect.
Jim has been a loyal - if not too industrious - state servant all his adult life, and now he's angry and bewildered at the changes that have occurred in New Zealand since the mid-1980s.
As he himself has commented, the camouflage of the pseudonym Emil Tode was due at least in part to his simultaneous labors as a state functionary and a writer: he did not believe the anarchist and homosexual confessions of his first novel would be "convenient" for a state servant.
As Finnane documents for Queensland, the new police played a vital role as the first state servant of the new colonial order, often (like Morrison's Mounties in the Klondike) attempting to suppress indigenous democracy on behalf of a |higher civilization'.
According to me, sabotaging the activity of any institution is not the best way for a State servant to carry out their job responsibilities.
According to several journalistic investigations, months after leaving her State servant job, the former PR purchased from a private company 2 luxury offices in Sofia for BGN 0.
If it doesn't appeal, the Council of Ministries has 14 days to give an opinion on the request, otherwise the State servant in charge faces a fine of BGN 200 to BGN 2 000.
Under the State Servant Act, hiring without a job competition is possible for substitutes when an employee is on maternity or sick leave; after a three-party agreement with another administrative unit, or for part-time employees until a job competition is announced.
The Minister reminded that in 2012 the State Administration and the State Servant Acts were passed and the salaries Bill should have been the last piece of legislation that would have concluded the administrative reform.
The material I have seen raises questions around compliance with standards of integrity and conduct for State servants.
Is it enough for state servants to be more effective at their jobs at making the lives of citizens better?
More than 50,000 people have been jailed and over 150,000 including judges, teachers, police and other state servants have been dismissed or suspended in the purge.

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