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The most widespread example is perhaps Alabama, where in 2013 the Department of Justice found the state systematically discriminated against students with diabetes by banning them from field trips and sports practices.
Throughout the last two decades, the state systematically reduced its contributions to the funds, resulting in a pension plan that covers less than half its liabilities.
In this Review, I argue that King and Hoffmann should expand their concept of what constitutes a crisis worthy of federal habeas intervention to include situations in which a state systematically violates criminal defendants' federal rights or systematically fails to provide defendants with adequate opportunities to vindicate those rights.
Rather than limit habeas review to situations where states violate federal rights because those rights are federal, I would deem habeas review appropriate whenever a state systematically underenforces or violates a federal right.
44) Similarly, when a state systematically makes substantive errors that misinterpret federal law and lead to the wrongful imprisonment of hundreds of people, that is also an error worthy of federal correction.
The "Buildings of the United States" series, commissioned by the Society of Architectural Historians, aims to publish a volume devoted to each state systematically documenting its architectural heritage.
These disasters confirm that life in the state systematically operates on the periphery of American politics much the same way that life in a Third World country does.
While Palestinian citizens of Israel are supposedly afforded full citizen rights by the Israeli state, Adalah, the Legal Centre for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, notes that the Israeli state systematically discriminates against its Palestinian citizens, who account for more than 20% of Israel's total population.
The report, made public in October, revealed that the Church and state systematically failed more than 100 children abused by 21 priests over four decades.
THE SCANDAL OVER A suspected Israeli mole in the Pentagon who allegedly passed highly sensitive policy documents on Iran to Israeli agents in Washington has rekindled suspicions long held by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and others in Washington, that the Jewish state systematically spies on its strategic ally and benefactor.
Florida State systematically advanced 97 yards in nine plays in the fourth quarter Saturday evening to deliver the decisive touchdown in a 14-7 victory over USC at the Coliseum.
THE Church and Irish state systematically failed more than 100 children abused by 21 priests over four decades in the shamed diocese of Ferns, a damning report revealed yesterday.

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