state under oath

See: swear
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The Rules of Court provide that the affiant (or person making the verification) should state under oath that he has read the petition and that its contents are true and correct of his personal knowledge or based on authentic records.
Consumers can claim up to $10,000 if they can document unreimbursed losses; after those claims are paid out, the rest of the settlement funds will be divided among consumers who state under oath that they suffered a qualifying loss, but don't have documentation.
Senate Majority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano said Napoles and her lawyers should first state under oath how much money and properties she was able to acquire at the time of the scam.
MPs yesterday challenged Mohamed Al Fayed, the Harrods' boss, to state under oath that he was not responsible for disclosing the names of British security agents on the Internet.
In other words, each oil company is obligated to state under oath in a Louisiana Ad Valorem Tax, form 12 (LAT 12 form) how many taxable properties it has each year and, of those properties, how many are producing oil or gas.
You DID state UNDER OATH that your residency in the Philippines as of May 13, 2013 was 6years, 6 months.

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