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Performance as a matter of statecraft cannot be overlooked.
The classification of cyberspace as solely a domain of conflict has contributed to this theoretical stagnation, limiting policymakers' understanding of the ways in which cyberspace can be leveraged for broader applications of statecraft.
I have been a practitioner and teacher of economic statecraft for over thirty years, but I have to teach my courses without a text, since the last one on the subject was published in 2002.
Lukas Milevski contends Russia, in at least the initial Crimean phase of its ongoing invasion of Ukraine, employed strategy while the West used statecraft.
Boroujerdi notes that "there is no unitary 'Islamic' position on important issues of statecraft and governance.
In spite of these shortcomings, the book is a useful introduction to ancient Indian statecraft.
Further QDDR and Economic Statecraft goals by doing a comprehensive analysis of economic positions and related competencies, and linking those to hiring, promoting and training objectives;
Powers issued a statement saying he believed the new center would "elevate UT Austin to be the preeminent institution in the nation for the study of history, strategy and statecraft.
Another problem with this long introductory section is that Kissinger suggests there has only ever been one Chinese model of statecraft, one way to govern China and secure China's place in the world.
To launch this effort, the Secretary has designated June 14, 2012, as Economic Statecraft Day.
She says that the US State Department has a big focus on helping American businesses and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has delivered a number of major speeches on economic statecraft -- a recognition that in the 21st century supporting American businesses and exporting the US's economic agenda are an important part of American foreign policy agenda.
One of the most important tasks of American statecraft over the next decade will be to lock in a substantially increased investment in this region," she added.