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I believe that DNR forest management and planning are currently being carried out in a highly professional manner, and the GEIS will demonstrate this," stated Thorne.
In reaching this conclusion, the court stated that the driver had been asked to get out of the van and stand next to three uniformed armed officers, was never told he had a right to refuse consent, was never told he could leave, and was blocked from moving around freely.
Quill specifically stated that Congress was free, under its Commerce Clause powers, to establish such guidelines.
Stated differently, the MTC concluded that it would be inefficient to proceed with an enforcement-only approach and decided to proceed with an "instruction booklet" approach that would secure compliance more efficiently.
West Virginia: The West Virginia Department of Revenue's stated position is that the MSBT is deductible only to the extent the taxes paid were calculated using the alternative gross method.
Arnold stated that the FTA's agenda was already brimming with issues and requested that TEI and COST develop the facts, identify the issues, and pose potential solutions with respect to third-party drop shipments.
New York City has stated that leasing an unstaffed exhibit booth for display purposes is outside of the definition of solicitation and, therefore, is subject to tax.
Stated simply, taxpayers should not be required to reimburse the State for the cost of auditing their own returns.