stated term

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EoACAo She is first diagnosed with a terminal illness before the last 18 months of the stated term
Where there is security of tenure, then a commercial lease will actually carry on beyond the stated term, until it is terminated in accordance with the 1954 act, but the right to remain in occupation is not absolute.
Shipman said that the distribution agreement with Anheuser-Busch was executed in 1994, has a stated term of 20 years, but is subject to one-time early termination by either the Company or Anheuser-Busch
Even in London the Lord Mayor has a stated term and then an election by the people to choose the one to follow him into power.
The benchmarked yield was based on a Treasury security with a term of about one-third the stated term of bonds then issued by the taxpayer.
Although the stated term of these leases was one year, its actual life was co-extensive with the perpetual right of renewal so long as the rent stabilization laws remain in effect.
Even if the stated term of the contract does fit some definition of short-term contract, it will still be considered a long-term contract if there are economic incentives built into the program that could keep the policy in force beyond the end of the stated term.
Where a stated term of employment is used, the agreement should also specify the consequences where a deal is negotiated or "introduced" by a broker during his or her tenure, but consummated after the expiration of the broker's employment.
The court stated, however, that failure to declare the loan in default precludes the taxpayer from not accruing interest or deviating from the stated term of the contract.
MTP will have a mandatory redemption at the end of a stated term and will pay a fixed rate, tax-exempt dividend.
Subsequent tenders are assessed in proportion to the stated term of the contract according to the formula: (the shortest term contract / term contract PFI) * 40 points.
it is a legal entity with authority to conduct business in its own name; it must be formed by two or more members; and it must have a stated term of existence or duration, generally no more than 30 years in length.