stated terms

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2 Each Qualification Response Package Submitted In Accordance With The Stated Terms And Conditions Of The Solicitation Shall Be Evaluated By An Evaluation Committee.
This agreement stipulates that both the companies will not compete in terms of prices, but rather Dastalk will deliver the product to the destinations given by Areva Solutions, under the stated terms including six month's warranty and others.
The basic fact sheet should be a distinct looking document including an undertaking by the customer that he/she understands all the stated terms and conditions of the product.
class exemptions, which are blanket exemptions issued by the Department of Labor (DOL) to grant relief to parties for common transactions, provided that they meet stated terms and conditions; and
C[pounds sterling]These licences come with clearly stated terms and conditions, if the rules are broken, we as the municipality can take action, which we have,C[yen] he said.
According to the review's stated terms of reference, it will examine whether jump racing can "operate within an acceptable level of risk".
Or are the customers who take an extra 30 or 60 days beyond the stated terms getting off without a penalty?
8, 2010 press release titled, 'Fitch Downgrades Pallas Capital Corporation to 'AA-/F1+'; Places Pallas on Watch Negative', Fitch stated that it would expect to withdraw the outstanding ratings if all or a majority of Pallas' GIC obligations were subsequently redeemed pursuant to their stated terms.
Among fundamental alterations to betting-ring custom and practice that the reforms promise to punters are printed receipts, stated terms for bets, and friendly service.
2 Each proposal submitted in accordance with the stated terms and conditions of the solicitation shall be evaluated by an Evaluation Committee.
The Ministry's conditions comprise needing the company to grow the plant within three years of the date of the approval meeting the requirements with the stated terms and conditions; conduct an acoustic emission audit; and execute pre and post construction Natural Heritage monitoring program are among others.
There is no guarantee that the Company will be able to close the above transaction or that the transaction will be closed on the above stated terms.