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He] does not exhibit a new view of nature, or raise insignificant objects into importance by the romantic associations with which he surrounds them; but generally (at least) takes common-place thoughts and events, and endeavours to express them in stronger and statelier language than others.
The gardens, the fountains and the promenade would surround a new town hall even statelier than our mate Kubla's pleasure dome, this one with four domes.
Increasingly, it turns out, MIT grads are choosing to start their career journeys with start-ups and small but growing high-tech firms that offer them the chance to develop new technology likely to have an immediate impact on the market, as opposed to working at the statelier pace of large corporations.
Updike's own death released a slew of critics from their panegyric scruples, but many still took the opportunity to grouse about the lack of energy of his late novels, as if an aging race horse loses beauty with a statelier, slower gait.
When the poems somewhat abruptly drop their erratic form for the statelier sonnet or villanelle, they tend to lose power.
Robinson looked tougher, Jimmy Stewart more earnest, Frank Sinatra smoother, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt statelier.
as if the ruffian had thrown a pail of slops over the statelier narrator [the Knight]', but Chesterton presumably paused to read the tale before writing this.
Here is the awful jealousy of the haiku spirit (his statelier name for the familiar gusting wind).
So Modern Maturity it was to be, then, where life, or what was left of it, would move at a statelier pace.