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Universal history, the poets, the romancers, do not in their stateliest pictures, --in the sacerdotal, the imperial palaces, in the triumphs of will or of genius,--anywhere lose our ear, anywhere make us feel that we intrude, that this is for better men; but rather is it true that in their grandest strokes we feel most at home.
And now, at last,' cried Dolly, trembling with the fervour of her speech, 'if you were sick, and shattered in your every limb; if you were ailing, weak, and sorrowful; if, instead of being what you are, you were in everybody's eyes but mine the wreck and ruin of a man; I would be your wife, dear love, with greater pride and joy, than if you were the stateliest lord in England
The brave old plant in its lonely days, Shall fatten upon the past; For the stateliest building man can raise, Is the Ivy's food at last.
The best work and the worst, the plainest and the richest, the stateliest and the least imposing--both of Heaven's work and Man's--all found one common level here, and told one common tale.
There came a bark that, blowing forward, bore King Arthur, like a modern gentleman Of stateliest port; and all the people cried, 'Arthur is come again: he cannot die.
From the stateliest denizen of the proudest palace, to the humblest dweller in the poorest cottage, all more or less ply the busy needle; from the crying infant of a span long and an hour's life, to the silent tenant of "the narrow house," all need its practical services" (Stone 2007: 3).
The country where our stateliest football club, Arsenal, have banned the flag of St George from the Emirates Stadium because it could be deemed 'racist'.
On October 31, 2008, within the walls of this prestigious American hotel, Red Door Spas will open the doors of its 5,100-square-foot spa and fitness center, fit for the stateliest of guests.