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Granite's heavy stature and coarse texture add a feeling of stateliness to a garden.
Alas, today's justices seem far more taken with their marble palace's heavy-handed stateliness than its accessibility.
The trapezoidal lower grille with large plated bezels and projecting under-spoiler support the upper grille, giving the vehicle a wide and dramatic look that creates a sense of stateliness and convey dynamic power.
It has a certain stateliness and gives gravitas to the town.
Elaborate turbans from Rajasthan gave an added sense of stateliness.
There was even a full curtain that drew back to let the show begin, its heavy folds the dried-blood color worn by kings in the Old Testament and its velvet stateliness extended to dense drapes along the walls through which you swam, your hand in Grandmother's or Uncle Bobby's, to reach a narrow passageway lit by little half-moons if you had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the show.
Nyman's style of playing with his back to the hall and a lack of interaction with the audience doesn't make for a very warm atmosphere, but he broke his "habit of a lifetime" after the interval to introduce his epic Memorial, its beautiful requiemlike stateliness dedicated to the victims of the Heysel Stadium disaster.
They show cats in various poses with friends, including hilariously posed children, naturally-arranged cat "unstill lives," two subjects posed as one, a series of cats enjoying domestic privileges, gender displays, the cat as a citizen (complete with awkward but loyal headgear), and finally a sort of peaceable kingdom, in which pampered cats look out onto the world with all their stateliness exposed.
It has the grandness of a great house, a certain stateliness that seems to have been drawn from magni?
It was a moving spectacle: Amid the formal stateliness of the papal office, the crowd embraced an obviously ailing pontiff.
She found herself marvelling at the majesty of the architecture, observing the cohesion and stateliness of the buildings and then zooming in to focus on the architectural embellishments that she observed adorning these complex structures.