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From stateliness to deprivation, the fall had been sudden, stark and lonely.
stateliness, gravity.' When we hear the claim that someone has dignity, what comes to mind are ideas such as: having a certain sort of presence; uprightness of bearing; self-possession and self-control; self-presentation as someone to be reckoned with; not being abject, pitiable, distressed, or overly submissive in circumstances of adversity." See too the idea of "honest dissimulation" in Rosario Villari, Elogio delia dissimulazione: La lotta politica nel Scientia, quoted in John Martin, "Inventing Sincerity, Refashioning Prudence: The Discovery of the Individual in Renaissance Europe," The American Historical Review 102 (1997): 1314.
Folk music was sweet and captivating, but lacked the sublimity and stateliness of classical music.
While this is an immediate reminder of Le Corbusier's interest in vernacular materials, including locally-hewn stones, Hanada deems that Maekawa might have aimed to give some sense of stateliness appropriate to a store belonging to the major bookseller.
In the face of such conflicting feelings and unanswerable questions, the poem, marveling at the new pigeon, trails off into a brief silence: "a surprise- / ing modernness and fanciness / and stateliness and ..." (105).
As you amble across the Napoleon hall, the stateliness of Louvre starts to hit you.
It gave the area the feel of stateliness, but provided a neutral backdrop for the actors.
No longer is display always inferior to use, frugality preferable to stateliness." (32)
But he's also learned from Prometheus , which felt weighed down by its own self-importance: Alien: Covenant not only has actual jokes -- "I hate space!"; "This is why you need to do yoga" -- but also strikes a balance between the grand, gorgeous stateliness of the build-up and the short grisly scenes that come later.
Case in point: This weekend bag's fine-grained buffalo leather elegantly frames its sand-toned cotton canvas, maximizing an air of stateliness that has become synonymous with Cucinelli's aesthetic.
Allen Mandelbaum's blank verse translation (1980-84) is elegant to the point of stateliness when called for and plainspoken enough when need be, and the Everyman's Library edition (1995) of his translation has many of Sandro Botticelli's masterly illustrations.
a "peculiar majesty and stateliness" that prevents monotony as