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All we requested was a statesmanlike letter of correction pointing out that the Primedia reps had inadvertently distributed damaging information about our publication that they later learned to be false.
So it was appropriate that the statesmanlike anchor quoted the former, with Disney president Robert Iger as a captive listener, as he expounded on the danger of allowing profit motives to transform news into entertainment.
The doll made by Talking Presidents delivers statesmanlike lines such as "I was not elected to serve one party but to serve one nation.
Some faces and poses are familiar -- Hemingway out hunting pheasant, Pollock splattering a canvas, Peggy Guggenheim preening in a sumptuous Poiret gown (and turban designed by Stravinsky's wife), George Washington looking stern and statesmanlike, an image repeated on a squillion dollar bills.
So when as a young journalist I read about Moral Re-Armament, I was delighted that some group was trying to encourage politicians to be more honest and statesmanlike.
In an effort to stave off a world economic crisis and, perhaps, deflect attention from the Lewinsky sex scandal, Mr Clinton adopted a statesmanlike approach and renewed calls for the reform of world financial markets.
Though hotheaded and ruthless in many respects, he was not without statesmanlike qualities.
Yet the flip side of statesmanlike bearing is Reaganesque detachment.
One of the most influential and statesmanlike of American journalists, Lippmann was editor of the New York World from 1929 to 1931, after which he began writing his famous, widely syndicated column in the New York Herald Tribune (which moved to the Washington Post in 1962).
Clears Path for Tropicana Entertainment Restructuring; Bill Yung Lauded for His Statesmanlike Conduct
In statesmanlike fashion, the nominee attacked Venezuelan beauty Alicia Machado by ranting to followers that she'd been in soft porn films.
It was calm and statesmanlike, a far cry from the ranting scaremonger we saw too often during the campaign.