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And while supporters of Dole say the bills demonstrate a statesmanly commitment to bipartisanship, even they concede this is not necessarily a quality that a presidential candidate these days wants to stress.
Yet he distinguishes the statesmanly, royal, domestic, and despotic modes of rule on the basis of differences in the character of their appropriate subjects, not on the basis of any essential difference in the character of the rulers themselves (1259a37-b17, 1260a12-14).
Details in the studio setting were standard props--a fluted column, book, and/or table--intended to lend dignity to the sitter, and many a scurrilous and illbehaved politician was made to appear statesmanly and honorable.
As the democracies squandered their earlier victory in the Great War, they "allowed the wicked to rearm" and guaranteed their own future need of statesmanly salvation.
His dramatic rise to power was due to a combination of factors, such as (1) the political vacuum created by Rajiv Gandhi's murder, (2) Sonia Gandhi's uncompromising refusal to step into her husband's outsize shoes, (3) Rao's own deceptively humble, clean, utterly self-effacing, elder statesmanly stance, (4) the north-south divide coming into sharp focus with a tilt towards the south's politically, if not numerically, strong claim to the country's top post, (5) Sonia Gandhi's reportedly decisive support because of his noncontroversial record and general acceptability to all shades of political opinion and (6) his impressive track record as a sound and mature administrator and shrewd and mellow player of political games without hurting anyone.
So before entrusting the statesmanly responsibilities of political office to the best of the warriors, Socrates will suggest that they must first pass certain tests designed to challenge their judgment and their power to resist temptations to place partisan interest ahead of the common good.