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In view of the sad state of American politics, some readers may believe that the kind of statesmanship described here must be a kind of political luxury, requiring fair-weather conditions.
Statesmanship, not petty squabbling, is needed to save us from catastrophe.
For his part, Jenness said that the UN is keen to provide all assistance to Yemen during the next elections and beyond, praising the wisdom and statesmanship of Yemen's political leadership that signed the initiative in order to end the country's current crisis.
The foresight he showed throughout the process, the courage he showed in making some tough decisions on popular brands, the global mindset he showed, and above all, the statesmanship he showed when two major competitors were on the public dole shows he was thinking for the good of the country as well as his company and industry.
Mr Jaafari praised his statesmanship, describing him as an experienced wise politician, who contributed, by his enlightened thinking, to putting Bahrain on a dynamic path of achievements, development and progress.
Evans is the author of Sir Robert Peel: Statesmanship, Power and Party (Routledge, 1991).
Lebanese politician Michael Awad referred to Syria's role in maintaining Arab rights, adding that the insight and statesmanship in managing all issues during a critical stage made Syria stand up to schemes plotted against it and to the consequences of the global economic crisis.
In England he has been an excellent Chancellor of the Exchequer and his visits to British soldiers in Afghanistan, in a war sanctioned by the United Nations, shows his courage and statesmanship which will befit him to be Prime Minister after the General Election.
At the dinner, Mr Williams commended Mr Geier on his excellent statesmanship, and thanked the family for their friendship.
If Pakistan shows "courage, determination and statesmanship to take the high road to peace, India will meet it more than half the way," Mr Singh said, according to Indian media reports and television footage.
Incompetent ministers tinkering around, No sense of direction - their approach unsound, Papering cracks to 'fudge' their way through, No statesmanship or foundation in what they do.
The reason for this is that, insofar as modern republican statesmanship constitutes an attempt at establishing and sustaining self-government, it is unavoidably political in precisely the sense that ancient republican statesmanship was.