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Replying to a question, Unal told a written statement that parcel bombs were sent to some foreign missions and statesmen through private courier companies, "we are in close contact with the Greek authorities who we know take necessary measures.
Every home game weekend, the energy and anticipation for the upcoming game pervades the morning air in Statesmen Park, which serves as the primary location to tailgate.
As Mao said of the French Revolution, it's far too early to say what sort of impact these people made historically - I doubt that future generations will hail Howe and Heseltine as great Welsh statesmen when the current generation barely remembers them.
According to reports in the press, Supreme Command: Soldiers, Statesmen, and Leadership in Wartime made the President's summer reading list for his vacation in Crawford, Texas.
Thus, Christian politicians, statesmen, and citizens engaged in the public debates that are the lifeblood of democracy are called to be witnesses to the truth about the human person, human community, human origins, and human destiny.
Here, like stage curtains, the free-standing columns hide or reveal statesmen and cityscape.
The Eleatic Stranger relates the myth of the age of Cronus to show us a recognizably human condition in which human statesmen and their political science or technique were unnecessary.
While acknowledging that we operate within constraints, he insists that statesmen frequently have real choices to make and that these choices can be made wisely or foolishly.
He was the last of that generation of statesmen along with Jose Diokno and Ninoy Aquino, he said.
Reminding Iran's willingness to cooperate with Pakistan in different fields, specially in area of power supply, the senator criticized the Pakistani statesmen for the slow growth in boosting ties and cooperation with Iran, and blamed Islamabad's reluctance in accelerating cooperation with Tehran on the Pakistani statesmen's lust for power.
President Gul is set to attend the inauguration of the King Abdallah University of Science and Technology and hold talks with several statesmen attending the inaugural ceremony later in the day.

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