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While visiting with Hope Andrade, the new Secretary of State of Texas, I was struck by the variety of roles she has had in her life: wife, mother, entrepreneur, community leader, public servant, and visionary stateswoman.
Had she just kept her cool and acted like the elder stateswoman she'd have been safe.
But the Scot played her role as the elder stateswoman of British rowing, insisting: "When we get into the boat we are all equals and reputations count for nothing.
Former LWV National Board Member and Minnesota academician Barbara Stuhler notes (For the Public Record, 2003): "In the closing minutes of the Pan-American Conference, the elder stateswoman of U.
Temple University's Kariamu Welsh Asante, described by writer Merilyn Jackson as "an elder stateswoman of African-American dance in Philadelphia," is the founding director of the National Dance Company of Zimbabwe and director of Temple's Institute for African Dance Research and Performance, as well as being active as a choreographer and performer.
This book uniquely combines the original documentary sources and scholarly examination of Bethune's long and multifaceted career as a stateswoman, politician, educational leader and visionary.
Peggy was a great stateswoman, a futuristic leader who went beyond the call of duty to help individuals.
At one time or another, each physician has fit into one or more of the following leadership slots: hospital chief of staff or department chairperson; CEO or medical director in a group practice, HMO, or hospital; commanding officer of a military unit; political leader in a medical community or organization; respected clinician; or elder statesman or stateswoman.
For 12 years we have seen Judy's impeccable leadership as a stateswoman for the Trust; she is remarkably intuitive to the pulse of Maricopa County and continually creates local impacts that often garner national attention for the greater good--Judy has truly expanded the shoes that Virginia wore during her decades of philanthropic service to the community," said Critchfield.
The drama film screened was based on the life and career of Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013), a British stateswoman and politician who was the longest-serving prime minister of the United Kingdom of the 20th century.
Little wonder that Aled Blake, in his column for the Western Mail, May 13, wrote that she came out of the vote with flying colours, and handed her the ultimate accolade for a politician, describing her as a true stateswoman.
Emma Handy plays the brunette Elizabeth II, while Kate Fahy, as the elder stateswoman, and Sancia McCormack each do great impressions of Mrs T's distinctive voice and mannerisms.

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