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Appendix A helpfully provides a summary of the characters in the Audience Room frescoes, although this could usefully have been extended to include other women with whom the Medici stateswomen wished to identify themselves.
One small quibble: While the editorial policy refers to "businesspeople," the title should also reflect the current reality of stateswomen as well as statesmen.
Yes, friends and neighbors, the day has come when the nation's statesmen and stateswomen must look to rock-and-roll singers for their lessons in dignity and civility.
Given the poverty of this selection, I hope that our greatest living statesmen and stateswomen are yet to emerge among the younger generations who will rebel against the cosy conformity of the previous political elite.
The elder stateswomen of Pueblo potters include Maria Martinez of San Ildefonso Pueblo in New Mexico; Lucy Lewis of Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico; Margaret Tafoya of Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico; and Nampeyo of Hopi Pueblo, Arizona.
But as Hay's death reminded us, many of the elder statesmen and stateswomen from the formative years before Stonewall are gone.

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