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If playwright Rhoda Lerman's one-person bio drama ``Eleanor'' (based on her 1989 novel) is to be taken on its own terms, Eleanor Roosevelt (1888-1962), during the years 1918-1922, reinvented herself from a submissive, husband-worshipping wife and mother of five to the independent, dynamic being that would become one of the 20th century's most significant stateswomen.
The "Spice Girls" of tennis were for once nowhere to be seen as these two elder stateswomen chalked up 59 years of experience between them.
A diverse cross section of young leaders throughout the entire country acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be active, informed and responsible citizens, voters, statesmen and stateswomen through their participation in political awareness conventions and academic summer programs.
Eirene, as she was universally known, represented East Flints in Parliament, and it was with great pleasure that my wife and I accepted an invitation to a concert at Gregynog, a tribute to one of the greatest Welsh stateswomen.
95) You can't know your gay future without knowing your gay past, and Village Elders brings to light our underexposed gay history in a loving and absorbing photo documentary of Greenwich Village's senior statesmen and stateswomen.
I don't feel old, I feel like I've got a second career,'' said Eggeling, who neither looks nor acts like one of the tour's elder stateswomen.

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