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Although this arrangement minimizes wind effect on the building static pressure measurement process, it also introduces an error due to stack effect.
West points out that static charges are created and present during both the printing and finishing processes, and as little as 1,000-1,200 volts can attract contamination.
When you do static stretching, the amount of force being exerted is insignificant.
In conclusion, measurements of the static visual vertical in healthy subjects are highly reproducible, and repeated measurements can serve as a useful tool in the follow-up of patients with acute vestibular neuritis.
This emerging framework must be able to handle both static HTML content and dynamic Web application data and services equally well.
It is vitally important to recognize and remember that all static problems with PE pipe begin inside the PE pipe.
Yeah, I'd stack Static up against any other superhero any day.
With controlling static being so important for label converters, there are dedicated suppliers that manufacture a variety of that take on this critical task.
Problems with static electricity in the plastics industries are numerous.