static condition

See: status quo
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While depression is not considered a degenerative brain disease, the change in inflammation shows that, for those in whom depression persists, it may be progressive and not a static condition.
She said: "It's a static condition so it's unlikely to get better or deteriorate.
Comparison of the simulation with the experimental observation showed a qualitative agreement for ultrasonic devulcanization of rubber under continuous condition [9-12] and quantitative agreement under static condition [8].
The UV-Vis spectrophotometer, measure of pH values, and sedimentation techniques has been used for stability analysis in this investigation by keeping the nanofluids under static condition period of 30 days.
India, March 7 -- The scientific world, and particularly the world of astronomy, is agog with the news that our advanced and sophisticated equipment has been finally able to detect and record what Albert Einstein had hypothesized nearly a century ago in his General Theory of Relativity: that the space-time dimension was not a static condition, but that it was malleable and could respond to the enormous masses of matter that moved within it.
It was important that every significant change (each brick placement) in the animation was also shown in the static condition, and that both presentation formats were sized identically.
Making the model in scale of miniature and laboratory was done and the syllogistic comparison of morphology levels of miniature model of the groundwater aquifer in static condition with seams and gaps in the field of Yazd was performed.
We're all aware that life is not a static condition, that things and circumstances--health, finances, relationships and more--are constantly changing.
8) was added into the decolorizing medium at the rate of 1 mL per 10 mL MSM and incubated at 28C under static condition.
3 NF, static condition; NF + A, static condition with aeration; F10d, flow opened after 10 days; F 17d, flow opened after 17 days; F24d, flow opened after 24 days.
If the wall is coupled so that the air gap is vented, but the temperature within the gap is held to the same temperature that it was in the static condition, the heat loss will increase to the level shown by curve (7 in Figure 3).
As would be expected, these large CV values were almost exclusively observed under dynamic conditions, with only one static condition CV (participant 3) of >15 percent.