static condition

See: status quo
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Making the model in scale of miniature and laboratory was done and the syllogistic comparison of morphology levels of miniature model of the groundwater aquifer in static condition with seams and gaps in the field of Yazd was performed.
3 NF, static condition; NF + A, static condition with aeration; F10d, flow opened after 10 days; F 17d, flow opened after 17 days; F24d, flow opened after 24 days.
If the wall is coupled so that the air gap is vented, but the temperature within the gap is held to the same temperature that it was in the static condition, the heat loss will increase to the level shown by curve (7 in Figure 3).
As would be expected, these large CV values were almost exclusively observed under dynamic conditions, with only one static condition CV (participant 3) of >15 percent.
The analysis for pressure is normally carried out under static condition, but in this paper we are dealing with both static and dynamic pressure.
Jesse Downs, Landmark's Director of Research & Advisory Services, is of the opinion that the static condition of the Abu Dhabi market can be attributed
Considering that poverty is not a static condition, there is a need to refine metrics to identify the poor and assess whether someone is about to enter or escape poverty.
Low cost measures, such as boarding up properties, lawn mowing and other activities to maintain properties in a static condition, without improvements, are not eligible uses.
The quasi-static condition is a situation where a measurement is taken in a manner to reflect as close as possible, a static condition.
Nevertheless, few works had also been carried out on pile-clay model but most of them under static condition.
I AM currently restoring the fuselage of a World War I Bristol F2b fighter aircraft to static condition.