static condition

See: status quo
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The reconstruction of the bridge will be carried out by insertion of a new load-bearing structure (steel flexible structure), which will improve the technical condition of the bridge, thereby ensuring safety and reliability of operation.The reconstruction of the bridge will ensure perfect technical and static condition of the reconstructed building.
Total reduction of 3mM Cr(VI) within 48 h at static condition was achieved by consortium-SN6 however at shake flask condition it reduces less than 50% within 48 h whereas the optical density of culture suspension was increased up to 48 h.
While depression is not considered a degenerative brain disease, the change in inflammation shows that, for those in whom depression persists, it may be progressive and not a static condition.
She said: "It's a static condition so it's unlikely to get better or deteriorate.
(i) Under static condition, the sensitivity of the sensor is less affected by stress changes, which means the sensor has good linearity (with its static sensitivity 2.20 mV/mN).
The inconsistency observed was more in static GSQ parameters like gear selection travel (both total and gate to gate), gear shifting travel (both total and gate to gate), leftt/right stop force, leftt/right stiffness, neutral free play box@10/5N, in to gear play box@10/5N, in to gear/neutral/swallow forces during gear shifting in static condition etc.
Static condition when the car loaded with a certain quality.
Caption: Figure 8: Thrust and power coefficients for T-motor 18x6.1 in a static condition.
Comparison of the simulation with the experimental observation showed a qualitative agreement for ultrasonic devulcanization of rubber under continuous condition [9-12] and quantitative agreement under static condition [8].
The UV-Vis spectrophotometer, measure of pH values, and sedimentation techniques has been used for stability analysis in this investigation by keeping the nanofluids under static condition period of 30 days.