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Static electricity has kindled scientists' interest for centuries, yet how exactly friction creates the electrical charge has remained a mystery, says chemical engineer Daniel Lacks of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.
Plastic, along with rubber, glass or pitch have a tendency to produce static electricity as they act as insulators and can hold a charge rather than act as conductors of electricity.
Can you use static electricity to make some types of light globes glow?
In this paper, we conduct a computer simulation of the operation of proposed passive device for elimination of static electricity in software package MATLAB/Simulink v7.
Typical applications of the cord include plastic, paper, textile webs, digital printers, paper folders, printing presses, conveyors and other applications where static electricity causes product flow problems, quality impairments, or personnel shock.
ACA's Static Electricity Guide addresses the technology and hazards of static electricity and how to identify when static charging is likely to occur.
In 1988 the Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued a safety hazard information bulletin about static electricity in natural gas operations as a result of at least one fatality linked to static electricity.
Static electricity is a major challenge in the effective use of inhalation devices; tiny drug particles can build up an electrostatic charge causing them to adhere to the device instead of being dispensed to the patient.
For a few seconds I believed it was caused by static electricity.
The current theory is that static electricity ignited traces of the alcohol-based disinfectant she had used earlier in the day.
The Super Ion Air Wipe surrounds a moving part with a blanket of ionized air to eliminate static electricity.
Company's Super Ion Air Wipe provides a uniform 360-degree ionized airstream that clamps around a continuously moving part to eliminate static electricity and contaminants.