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When we mentioned "Buildings exceeding the plant static pressure .
075 kPa) static pressure setting for this operation would have led to serious air shortfalls in the larger demanding zones if it were not for the local fans in series.
It also provides a static pressure generation, when the user chooses a required pressure on the output with a 1 mmHg accuracy.
Belt speed was varied from 24 to 32 IPM with the static pressure and zone set points at the baseline settings.
Static pressure taps were provided on the shroud from the inducer leading edge to the impeller exit.
The outlet boundary condition was set as static pressure equal to the atmospheric pressure.
For the same static pressure we obtained the diagrams corresponding to these charges.
The fan motors area half-horsepower more powerful than the previous models to support a new fan blade that provides the increased static pressure needed to drive air through the longer ducting.
The customizable 3" and 6" grommets can seal 24" or 600-mm raised-floor tiles to increase static pressure under the raised floor and improve cool air delivery through perforated tiles or floor grates.
In the figure 6 are presented the diagrams representing the variation in time of the pressure and temperature and also the revolution speed for the static pressure of 0,5 E+05 Pa.
On the other hand, small scale static pressure fluctuations produced in the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) are much more difficult to measure and are therefore much less understood.
The Z[micro]3500's use of temperature-controlled by drostatic oils in the hybrid spindle bearing, static pressure guides, and the linear motor cooling system virtually eliminates thermal distortion saturation time.