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Moderate-duration static stretch reduces active and passive plantar flexor moment but not Achilles tendon stiffness or active muscle length.
The effect of time on static stretch on the flexibility of the hamstring Muscles.
Comparison of nonballistic active knee extension in neural slump position and static stretch techniques on hamstring flexibility.
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Solid or hinged AFOs also may be used to provide a sustained static stretch at the ankle to prevent loss of range of motion due to spasticity-related contractures.
Researchers have found that by combining a static stretch and dynamic stretch protocol, the harmful effects of SS can be reduced.
A broad review of "stretching" in the literature has not conclusively determined whether a pre-run static stretch protects runners from injury during their routine training.
These three positions were randomly ordered and each position was held for a 60 second static stretch.
Following their treatment all subjects performed a 1 minute static stretch of the hamstring muscle.
Loosen Up the Hips and Lower Back This static stretch is for the piriformis, the muscle that helps you turn your hip out (lateral/external rotation).