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As mentioned, the effect of geofoam on soil lateral displacement and statical forces on the cantilever retaining walls with yielding and nonyielding boundary conditions has been studied in the present research.
Statical Feature-Based Support Vector Machine Approach for the Dtection of Lung Cancer in CT images, Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research (Techniques and Agorithhm in Emerging Technologies); 150-155: ISSN 1900-9233.
But biological conceptions are more complex than those of mechanics; a volume of Foundations must therefore give relatively large place to mechanical analogies; and frequent use is made of the term 'equilibrium' which suggests something of statical analogy.
Os dados coletados foram digitados no programa Statical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) versao 9.0, e a digitacao foi realizada duplamente.
Se utilizaron los programas estadisticos Statical Package for Social Science (SPSS 19), para estadisticos descriptivos y calculo de correlacion, y EQS 6.3 para Windows (Bentler, 2006; Bentler & Wu, 2015) para la puesta a prueba del modelo confirmatorio.
Mazzilli, "A general FEM formulation of nonlinear dynamics applied to accessing the statical loading effect upon the dynamic response of planar frames," Applied Mechanics Reviews, vol.
In order to monitor the changes of marine ecosystems, scientific vessels need to perform a series of mathematical or statical analysis over collected data [6].
Authors' Contribution: Behrouz Baghaiee, contributed to data collection, implementation of the incremental exercise test, laboratory analysis, statical data analysis, reviewed literature and discussed; Behzad Baradaran, Mohammad Reza Aliparasti and Shohreh Almasi; contributed to laboratory analysis; MarefatSiahkuhian, contributed to reviewed literature, discussed and suggested the contents as well as edited the manuscript; Also, all the authors read and approved the final manuscript.
30 static plate load and dynamic plate load tests were done by using statical beam "Frowag" and dynamic plate load "Zorn ZSG-02".
El analisis estadistico se realizo mediante el Statical Analysis System (SAS, 1998).