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0] is bounded by the advantage of the DS1, and the distribution of the challenge PEKS remains same from the adversary's view because of the statical indistinguishability we required.
Statical Feature-Based Support Vector Machine Approach for the Dtection of Lung Cancer in CT images, Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research (Techniques and Agorithhm in Emerging Technologies); 150-155: ISSN 1900-9233.
Fragmentary statical hypotheses are used as temporary auxiliaries to dynamical--or rather biological--conceptions; but the central idea of economics, even when its Foundations alone are under discussion, must be that of living force and movement.
El analisis estadistico se realizo mediante el Statical Analysis System (SAS, 1998).
k] corresponds to failure state after statical redistribution of actions.
A seguir, foi realizada a analise estatistica descritiva de todas as variaveis e, posteriormente, analisada a associacao entre os sintomas vocais e as causas por meio do teste de associacao Qui-quadrado, no programa Statical Package for the Social Sciences -SPSS (versao 20.
Los patrones de paleocorrientes, obtenidos por el Dipmeter, pueden ser diferenciados de otras estructuras captadas por este: rumbo, buzamiento y fracturas (fallas o diaclasas) mediante el uso de la tecnica Statical Curvature Analysis (SCAT) aplicada por Rubiano (2009), quien resume esta tecnica en los siguientes pasos:
Weibull, "A statical distribution function of wide applicability," J.
On the asymptotic integration of equations of the statical stability of the conical shell of revolution.
Atualmente, existem 40 modelos classificados em cinco familias: purely statical, branching process, population dynamics, niche partitioning e spatial distribuition of individuals.