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Convened with the objective of laying down a framework for the economic statistics committee, the two-day meeting highlighted GCC-Stat upcoming projects and various issues related to economic statistics.
According to Statista, it contains more than a million statistics from 18,000 sources, including studies, scientific journals, official communications, trade reports, books, and other statistic sources.
As part of this plan, the Central Statistics Office (CSO) was assigned the task of developing 'a code of practice and standards for the gathering and use of data for statistical purposes in the Public Service' (2011, p.
Over-exuberance, in time, bowed before a sober refocusing of statistics as a method of analysis in the service of humanity.
It was reiterated by the Standing Committee that the Ministry must ensure timely and accurate calculation of statistics.
The INS is now developing this legislation that will translate the professional independence of the Institute and will provide necessary resources for producing quality statistics for decision making and the achievement of strategic studies, he pointed out.
The 2015 NSM, led by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), coincides with the global celebration of the 2nd World Statistics Day on October 20 with the theme, "Better data.
The new statistics are intended to provide more precise and timely information on the accelerations, decelerations, and turning points in state-level economic activity, including information about changes in the industrial infrastructure of states.
Lot 1: support for road freight transport statistics.
Statistics Anxiety has been defined as an unpleasant cognitive and psychological reaction that manifests itself "when an individual experiences anxiety as a result of encountering statistics in any form, at any level.
The report noted that Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt was told by the UK Statistics Authority to "clarify" a government boast about NHS spending .