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The FDA has substantial experience in the use of Bayesian statistical methods for the design and analysis of scientifically valid clinical studies.
Each of the various statistical methods is described in considerable depth.
This contract is to be financed from the EU Structural Project English-Lithuanian-English and French-Lithuanian-French machine translation, based on statistical methods, System "atisiskaitymui funds and the supplier invoice payment method used by project management and financing arrangements approved by the Government of Lithuania in 2007.
They used rigorous statistical methods to compare peak monsoon rainfall patterns during two time periods: from 1951 to 1980, and from 1981 to 2011.
This text is intended for molecular biologists who perform quantitative analyses and for statisticians who work with molecular biologists and other biomedical researchers and aims to balance the needs of these two audiences by progressively introducing basic to intermediate statistical methods and demonstrating their application to the various biological data generated from the field of molecular biology and the types of questions of interest to molecular biologists.
The research was based on an original empirical survey, conducted on the basis of a random sample of large Croatian firms, aimed at estimating the extent at which Croatian managers use statistical methods.
Comprehension of statistical methods will give the student the opportunity to understand previous and current research, generate their own research, evaluate practice, and draw informed conclusions about their clients.
citizens, not just judges, need to learn about scientific and statistical methods.
Statistical Methods in Molecular Evolution Rasmus Nielsen, ed.
The use of statistical methods is essential whenever we have to distill useful information from large amounts of data.
The new estimates were based on statistical methods developed by Thomas Rehle, an independent consultant in international health and disease control.

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