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The flexibility to perform plenty of interim analyses on the data as it accrues while preserving control on the error tolerance is highly sought by most practitioners as it aligns the statistical method with the business process.
A verity of statistical methods were found in the analysis.
Among these articles with some statistical method employed, the analyses used as the main statistical support for the conclusions were the means comparison test (44.
Few books on the subject of statistical methods for spatial data analysis describe the methods in a thorough yet accessible manner.
These statistical methods are ideal for certain types of large data sets in business communication (e.
Statistical methods in practice; for scientists and technologists.
Using a statistical method for organizing species according to recently evolved anatomical features they share, some anthropologists place robust australopithecines into its own genus, Paranthropus.
They used a statistical method known as Cox proportional hazard regression modeling to estimate dose-response relationships between blood lead and all cancer mortality.
They applied a new statistical method for measuring the extent of multiple microsatellite differences to 30 microsatellite sites in 14 native populations from around the world.
He and his colleagues turned to a formidable statistical method called meta-analysis.
The researchers used a statistical method to account for several factors that can influence the risk of recurrence, including size of the original tumor, the patient's age at diagnosis and whether or not she received anticancer drugs after surgery.
Now, two researchers have taken another look at those data, this time using a powerful statistical method, called meta-analysis, that combines data from several different studies and thus improves the researchers' ability to detect treatment effects.

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