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In 2012, the median gross rent (rent plus utilities) was $929, not statistically different from $935 in 2011.
4) The six-fold difference between that rate and the rate seen with the harmonic scalpel in the current study is both clinically and statistically significant.
The question is also not whether there is a change in trends, but also whether those changes are statistically significant.
The 0% rate in at least one control school district would have reduced the overall control prevalence rate and thereby may have been responsible for making the difference between the experimental group and the controls statistically insignificant.
Quality measures will be based on a statistically valid sample of cases handled by the operational unit.
When they combined the two data sets, Johannessen and his coworkers found a slight, but statistically significant, drop in Antarctic sea ice extent, amounting to 1.
The availability of no-fee noninterest checking was the only one of the three to have changed a statistically significant amount over the period, rising 5 percentage points.
If the answer is yes, you may still have Class 1 performance if the number of out-of-tolerance deviations is too small to be statistically significant.
0161, with statistically significant differences between SSI/SSDI disability beneficiaries closed in status 26 and SSI/SSDI disability beneficiaries closed in status 26 who were better educated.
According to the 2012 American Community Survey, the median household income in the Baltimore metro area was $66,970 in 2012, which was not statistically different from $66,654 in 2011.
To determine whether a difference of scores was statistically significant, a t test for relational means was administered.
Short-term breastfeeding, similarly, was protective for ALL (12% reduced risk), although the observed 10% reduction in risk for AML was not statistically significant.

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