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One commonly used strategy was to focus on statistically significant findings from withingroup comparisons, rather than emphasizing the nonsignificant results of between-group comparisons.
In these analyses, only the comparison for the personally responsible citizen was statistically significant.
Results showed that all 5 patients treated locally with Aastrom's TRCs, exhibited a statistically significant increase in bone height at the 3-month evaluation point, and the cell graft had started to integrate with the surrounding preexisting bone of the upper jaw by 4 months, with no cell-related adverse events.
Many times to get "valid results" you'd need to test a quantity of 10,000 or 20,000 or more (depending on desired response rate), but if the whole list is 4,800 and you decide to test 2,400, the results are almost guaranteed not to be statistically valid.
6), respectively; this difference is not statistically significant (p = 0.
The difference between the two centers was not statistically significant.
A small (40-patient) randomized trial in patients on HAART with peripheral neuropathy showed a statistically significant increase in CD4 (T-cell) counts over 12 weeks.
These increases in risk, however, are statistically indistinguishable from each other.
For the most representative sample of black elementary school students, offering a voucher had no statistically discernible impact on achievement scores in the New York City experiment.
If the viral load of the study group is significantly lower, statistically speaking, than that of the control group, the researchers may conclude that the new treatment is superior to existing treatments.
Overall, averaging the 10 states, there is a small but not statistically significant increase in the robbery rate at t=0, certainly not the dramatic decrease Lott's fits show.

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